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Argentine Tango Group

CUrITa – The Voice Of: Veronica Rue

Veronica Rue Veronica started her dancing life with folk dances when she was just 10 years old. From there she went to rhythmic gymnastics while being a teenager and finally discovered tango at the age of 20. She is currently an excellent dancer, artist and teacher who transmits the art of Argentine Tango with respect…
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CUrITa – The Voice Of: Einat Adato

Einat Adato Einat is the director and owner of Balanceo, she started the brand nearly 7 years ago as part of her ongoing search for the “PERFECT” fit of tango shoes. Balanceo is based in London and for the last 7 years has had the ability to cover all the UK market. Today, Einat has…
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CUrITa – The Voice Of: Abdel Cuauhtli

Abdel Cuauhtli Abdel is an international independent Argentine Tango teacher with now 12 years of experience. He has been trained by recognised internationally teachers like: Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Jonathan Saavedra and Clarisa Aragón, Hernán Brusa and Natalia Cristóbal, Pablo Inza and Sofía Saborido, Luciano Brigante and Karina Guillén, to name a few. He…
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CUrITa – The Voice Of: Adam Parnell

Adam Parnell  Adam is the main leader and teacher of “White Rose Tango” (FB: @Whiterosetango) group in York, UK. He has kindly accepted to share with us a brief comment regarding musicality in Tango. We hope you will enjoy it. Adam es el principal organizador y maestro del grupo “White Rose Tango” (FB: @Whiterosetango) en…
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